In a nutshell, we want to explain and make clear our attempt at sharing ourselves with you. The section “Subjectively” is a place for us to post totally subjective opinions.

We suppose that we won’t update our subjective viewpoints frequently, let’s say every three months or even rarely. Sorry, it’s because we’re insubordinate by nature.

Both Bartek and I are introverts to a lesser or greater extent and we seldom talk about our reflections and unanswered questions. On the other hand, we sometimes talk to each other, can’t settle arguments, read, beat our brains out and develop our personalities. We reckon that comparing our ideas and dilemmas with yours (whatever your field and interests are) seems to improve our long-term prospects.

None of our texts is absolute truth. What we write aims at looking for innovative ideas orĀ viewpoints and contrasting them with yours. Therefore, we put ourselves in a rather uncomfortable position of interacting with you (so far through the screen but it may change in the future).

What else can you expect to find here, except for subjectivity and a sort of a sketchbook? We’ll usually talk about design and conferences, from time to time about UI and UX but also about music, theatre and other inspirations in terms of our work. So, enjoy reading and let us know what you think.