Have you ever tried vegan Korean dumplings? We haven't but till today. Honestly speaking, we were late for the official opening of the MANDU restaurant, but we hope to make up for this. We're sitting within olive green walls, peeping through the window at the handmade wooden logo – definitely something to be proud of.

The MANDU branding is based on a close association with traditional bamboo baskets. Our intention was (as always) to give you a clear and simple message. Creating Korean "organic" style, we were mainly inspired by rice paper, bamboos, wood and nature.

We didn't manage to do a roll-up but we made up for that, choosing handmade paper for business cards and leaflets. We decided on a black-and-white pattern, which reminds of the minimalism and simplicity of Korean design.

We're going to wolf our Korean lunch down, which we also heartily recommend to you. It's worth it! :) Thanks a lot, ORORA! We'll drop in, whenever we're in the vicinity. Don't forget to drop into MANDU at Paderewskiego 4 (Cracow of course).


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