Nad&Greg Patisserie is a new spot on the map of the Podgórze district in Cracow. We had started working on the concept a few months before the official opening. Our intention was to create both a cosy and exceptional café. Collaborating with an architect from NArchitekTURA, Bartosz Haduch, we developed central motifs and concepts. Our intention was to arrange the café in a fashion of a game: playing, searching, discovering... the discovering of extraordinary ingredients of French cakes and cookies, the discovering of France. While designing blinds, Bartosz introduced a keyhole motif, which was ideal for the whole concept. We decided to slightly improve the logotype. What we did was link the diamond motif to the characteristic small square tarts, which emphasized the exclusivity and, by its structure, referred to the patterns that can be found in French streets.

As is the case with all our projects, we could not help creating an "organic", "handmade" motif, that is patterned stamps used to stamp takeaway boxes. In this way, it is emphasized that each cake is handmade and unique, as every stamp is slightly different. Besides that, a unique pattern on every box contributes to the brand image.

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