... this project has its origins in a tattoo... a bird tattoo on my sister's shoulder. My sister (Anna Suchińska) said a couple of years ago: "Look at this photo (the tattoo done on Anna's back)! A friend of mine (Anna Zając) and I want to start an initiative for women based on this image"...

If you know us, you must have heard about Uwolnij Kobiecość (the concept of releasing femininity). It is an amazing initiative targeted at women. It aims at understanding and expressing yourself, that is your femininity and feminine energy, in the predominantly masculine world. (I hope I can say so). I seized the opportunity to take part in the project and track its progress. By participating in it, you can learn how to trust your intuition, perceive your time consciously and embrace your feminine power, which brings considerable benefits in everyday life. It's up to you whether you chill out, let off steam or open your heart to others. You decide what you need and want to do.

Free3 has been involved in the project ever since I can remember and its branding is being developed alongside Free3's.

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